1. James Douglas Morrison – pieces
  2. Czesław Miłosz – Campo di Fiori
  3. To man
  4. Arthur Rimbaud – The Drunken Boat/Le Bateau ivre
  5. The Suicide’s Argument – Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  6. Adam Mickiewicz – The Great Improvisation
  7. My first last breath
  8. Wisława Szymborska – Hatred
  9. In Memory of Jim Morison (1943-1971)



2 thoughts on “Poetry”

  1. Hey Soldier the day is al yours….and you have a wonderful blog…thanks for the sahre and may be you wd love to check my word game…SweetBlame….http://sweetblame.wordpress.com/

    love & peace

    • Yo Rajat! I’m always flattered by comments like that. Keeps me motivated. Your blog is pretty cool too. I can actually relate to some of your work. Brilliant! I’m already following 🙂 All the best to you my friend!

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