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Some of you, who follow my blog, are already aware of my little obsession with the music of The Doors and it’s visionary message.

And today is one of the most important anniversaries in ‘The Doors calendar’.

Jim Morrison – its legendary leader, died exactly 42 years ago. He would be celebrating his 70th birthday in December if he was still among us. I can only imagine all these volumes of poetry, songs that never had chance to happen.

It seems as if his life passed by with the speed of light. Now immortalized. Living on tapes, pages and in hearts. Still driving them with passion, accelerating the pure joy of existence.





Thank you God

we don’t know your motives.

You made us totally blind

take our hope

forced us into your giant trap

to bury us alive.

I’m alive but I’m dying

at the same time.

I hope you still have a good time.



We are drifting with current

to our death

with silent resignation.

Mad animal in a cage.

We are convicted to death

I hope somebody

was having a good time at least.

Our world is a civilized slaughter-house.

We are standing in a line, well-dressed animals.

I don’t blame any one.

Sharp God, and we ignorant beasts.