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Do you believe in going beyond your last breath?

Like a runner at the end of marathon – will I last to acknowledge my achievement?

After all these years of soaring loneliness will there be a crowd of my own believers to tap my back with a warm ‘Well done!’?

Living proudly in state of obvious I had forgotten to ask.

I joined the rest of obedient in march under apparent sky

                          – everything is visible


                                                                  in front of my eyes

And then I see you collapse

and you see me – helplessly staring back

your hand reaching emptiness to non-existing saviour


give me one more day!

oh you stubborn, stubborn life that never knew itself

fist becomes loose –  you tried to grasp at something… but there’s nothing there powerful enough

never have

You’ve never been yours and I’ve never been my own

never have

helpless borrowers

                                                   AND THE SKY BURSTS                                         


until I fall into sleep exhausted and wake up hundred years later and find myself marching again

Who is that eternal thief to dare and steal my clear sight away?