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Allegoria della vita umana, Ol/tl, 110 x 86,5,...

Allegoria della vita umana, Ol/tl, 110 x 86,5, Collezione privata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m frustrated again.

Left in a strong feeling of insatiability.

Pictures of pretty people in fashionable clothes, their glamorous lifes, advises on how to be ‘in trend’… It feels like someone is trying to foist certain way of life upon me. And it seems appealing at first glance – ‘icing-coated’ blogs where girls attempt to be girlier, bending realities to their own reflection in the mirror.

Vanity in its peak.

People making other people wanting… People getting jealous of other people… Have you ever come across the symbol of snake eating its own tail? Ouroboros.

And I remain frustrated, kidnapped from my very essence, stripped of my own unlikeliness. Again.

Human race! Where did you loose your metaphysics?

Does anybody suffer world-poisoning anymore? It was such a beautiful ‘illness’.