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The Rite of Spring 

Russian Ballets At Paris In 1913

  • ‘Mild protest against the music could be heard from the beginning’ wrote Stravinsky
  • Premiere29 May 1913 at the Theatre des Champs-Élysées in Paris
  • Russian ritual devoted to the seasons
  • Revolutionary piece of music 
  • the poor girl who dances herself to death in sacrificial dance
  • revolutionary choreography by Nijinsky
  • ‘knock-kneed Lolitas’
  • horrifying vision of the pitilessness of nature 
  • Leonard Bernstein called it a prehistoric jazz
  • sense of pulse


  • about sacrifice of the young girl and ceremony that goes on with that
  • about building the drama around it
  • about dancing yourself to death 


  • riot at the premiere
  • cruel music


Watch online: Le Sacre du Printemps à L’Opéra Théâtre de St Etienne.