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I was born and grew up in Poland and in the first decade of my life my country was politically and socially still in a state of a hostile communism. Of course that itself would be enough to write a story of how ridiculous human minds can become. I will perhaps touch on that subject later on in my blog. This time however I would rather share with you some of my greatest demons from that time, that I was unfortunate to see in my own innocent eyes. It’s a story of a dog dunked to a river with his legs tied together with no chance to survive; a story of a cat hanged on the branch of the tree and burned alive, that kind of stories. Over 20 years gone by since I was exposed to such monstrous and evil acts of human cruelty towards animals but I’m affraid I will never be able to rub those pictures out of my memory. Every single flashback of such horrifying acts enrages me to the point where I start hating my own race. And that is the feeling I’m afraid the most.
But than I come across some trully heroic examples of helping hand, someone who cares about those little and big ones, unable to protect themselves against human terror.
We can never call ourselves humans if we cannot act like ones particularly towards those who depend on us, who are weaker and more innocent in their very existence than us.

Here are some sites where we can join the cause and show that we, too, care:

1) http://www.hsi.org – Humane Society International – fighting the worldwide injustice of animal cruelty
2) http://www.league.org.uk – League Against Cruel Sports
3) http://www.ifaw.org – International Fund for Animal Welfare
4) http://www.rspca.org.uk – Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Of course there is so much more we should be able to do in order to destroy some of these dark sides of our contemporary self-obsessed civilisation. It’s about practicing a different kind of sensibility – this type of empathy that saves the world – every pristine aspect of it.

Let’s become a Love Generation people!

Peace & Love!